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Business Around the World

Just like many modern companies, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. sells in the global market. And in true modern form, they have realized that although all people are created equal, their likes are not the same. Such is the case with the 3G Accord. While they were all derived from the same basic design, there were distinct differences for each of the following four markets:

  • North American (USDM)
  • European (EDM)
  • Japanese (JDM)
  • Asian/Pacific Islands

Asian/Pacific Island Market

Asia and the Pacific Island market was an interesting one. Because of the geography of it, some parts, such as Phillipines, received all models that the Japanese market did. Other places, like Australia, received more of what could be called the European market of the Accords.

North American Market

The North American market really got the short end of the stick. In the United States and Canada, the 3G Accord was available with 3 trim levels during the 4 year production run, with the United States getting a fourth--the SE-i--for 1989. All were powered by either an A20A1 or A20A3. The lower-end DX and mid-range LX models received the A20A1, while the LX-i, and later SE-i, received the fuel injected A20A3. However, unique to the American market was the hatchback version. The 3rd generation Accords are the last of the Accord models to include a hatchback in the lineup.

European Market

The European market fared better than the N. American market, though still trailing behind the Japanese. Even though they had such amenities as the Accord Aerodeck and B20A engines, they lacked stuff like

Japanese Market

The Japanese market was where the top-of-the-line items were available. Japanese Accords were powered by either an A20A1, a B18A, or a B20A. The JDM Accords received such luxuries as digital dashboards, maplights, and the option to buy Mugen parts for their Accords.