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==3Geez Aftermarket==
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While an advanced car for it's time, the third generation of the Honda Accord has never enjoyed the same level of aftermarket parts available for it as are available to other vehicles, whether in performance or cosmetics. While in the mid to late 90's, when the import tuning scene was really taking off, a few companies did initially offer parts, most have now stopped. A few parts are now manufactured by
===Aftermarket Parts===
****Stock and performance clutches and clutch kits
****Stock and performance clutches, clutch kits, and flywheels
***Colt Cams
****Performance cam grinds
***DC Sports
****4-2-1 Headers (out of production)
****Front strut tower bar
***Delta Cams
****Performance cam grinds
****Prokit lowering springs (1.0"+ drop)
****Sportline lowering springs (1.4"+ drop)
****Body kit (out of production)
****Lowering springs
****Body Kit
****Koni HP Shocks (out of production)
****4-2-1 Performance Headers
****Cat-back Exhaust
****Short-throw shifter
***Place Racing
****Honda [[B-series]] motor mounts (out of production)
***S & S
****4-1 Headers (out of production)
***Suspension Techniques
****Front and Rear Sway Bars
****Lowering Springs
****Tokico Blue shocks
****Body kit (out of production?)

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